About us

We are Jewelrich.com, the pioneers of online jewellery savings schemes in India. Our vision is to educate the ever growing Indian online community on Gold Savings Schemes from various jewelers and simplify the investing process for them. Our spectrum of trusted jewellers will give you the widest choice of jewellery savings schemes, jewellery designs and payment tenures. Start investing in jewellery schemes of your choice from the comfort of your home, workplace or wherever you are. Rely on our highly secure online platform for smooth and safe transactions.

The Lineage Jewelrich.com is the brainchild of Mr. Tejas Soni, a Mumbai based jeweller with over 25 years of industry experience. Leveraging on his deep-rooted know-how of the trade circuit and acute understanding of customer behavior, he came up with this innovative business module to specially cater to India’s growing online community. Jewelrich.com is an ambitious attempt to bridge the gap between jewellers and tech savvy online customers by bringing them together on a common platform. With more and more jewellers stepping into this unique business format, Jewelrich.com is poised to become the most popular marketplace for online jewellery savings schemes.

What We Do

Our Website features monthly Jewellery saving schemes from all major jewellers in India to their customers as a solution to rising gold prices, and we help you compare various monthly Jewellery saving scheme/plans and narrow down on the scheme that best suits your needs and then facilitate online payment modes to pay monthly installments to selected jeweller.

Customer centric
  • We help Customers to Choose best monthly Jewellery saving plans from list of your favourite jewellers.
  • We provide solution to transfer money in your jeweller’s account.
  • Customer Support is just a phone call away.
  • You can call us : MON-SAT: 10 AM TO 7 PM.
Widest Choice
  • Wide range of reputed jewellers.
  • Detailed scheme in simplified from to enable better understanding of various schemes.
  • Choose the Scheme that best suits your needs from the various schemes offered by reputed partner jewellers.
Decision support
  • Simplification of schemes to enable decisions.
  • Choose jeweller as per their speciality.
  • On the go assistance available.
Fair & Responsible
  • We don’t favour any jeweller(s)
  • We discourage misselling of schemes or services that are unsuitable for the customer’s needs.
Tech Innovation
  • Pioneer in creating online marketplace for monthly Jewellery saving scheme.
  • Deliver effective solutions by combining thought leadership and tech innovation.
  • We create win win position for both customer and jeweller.