Gold Will Carry You Through Your Retirement

Tejas Soni 11 Sep, 2017

India is not a country in which the pension can carry you through your retirement days. Western countries like the United States of America have laws of social security which allow those who have worked all their lives to systematically save it and then collect it during their twilight years. In India, this is absolutely not the case.

These Unique Gold Jewellery will make you look stunning

Tejas Soni 08 Jul, 2017

Just as fashion changes with every season, jewellery is having its a-ha moment! With young and creative designers emerging and focusing their energy on jewellery design, the market is filled with extremely unique and uncanny avatars of jewellery. Some of the jewellery pieces have been around for centuries while others are purely a 21st century innovation.

How to Carry Jewellery like 3 powerful women.

Tejas Soni 04 Aug, 2017

Indian gender equality is on the way up. Powerful, strong, athletic, intelligent women are very much on the rise and they are making everything look too easy. From the boardroom to the tennis court, our list of Indian fashion icons is something all Indian women can look up to.

3 Stunning pieces of Jewellery every men want

Tejas Soni 22 Aug, 2017

When it comes to buying gifts, the universe agrees, it is much easier to shop for women than it is for men. There's always a pause before you find the perfect gift for your husband, boyfriend or son.

Want Know How on Solitaire Ring like an expert

Aatish Shah with Inputs from Tejas Soni 24 Jun, 2017

A diamond solitaire ring is arguably one of the most important purchases that you will make during your lifetime and it’s also one that many people find daunting. It is important that you are educated in all the facets of diamonds and the creation of a solitaire ring prior to making such a purchase. This guide will help you get that expertise.

Why Everyone Should Invest in Monthly Jewellery Savings Schemes

Tejas Soni 13 Jun, 2017

Investments in gold have traditionally yielded great results for everyone across the world for thousands of years. Gold was the standard against which wealth was measured for a long period of time.