Gold Will Carry You Through Your Retirement


India is not a country in which the pension can carry you through your retirement days. Western countries like the United States of America have laws of social security which allow those who have worked all their lives to systematically save it and then collect it during their twilight years. In India, this is absolutely not the case.


This is the perfect reason to invest in gold while you still have the ability to earn and save.


1. Investments in Stocks & Property Cannot be Cashed Overnight


When you invest in real estate and stocks, they are not liquid when you need them to be. If you want to cash in gold, you can do it any time of day or night.


Stocks lose value over time, real estate prices may drop or even if they are high, they cannot be sold for cash when you need it the most.


Gold is the one true valuable commodity which will enhance your lifestyle now and also come in handy should you need it in the future as a means to get more cash.


2. Real estate also is dependent on location for valuations. While real estate prices fluctuate based on time and development trends, gold is always valuable, everywhere. Be it in a small village or metropolis, you can carry gold with pride and receive cash for it.


3. In times of tragedy, war, natural calamities and even political shifts like the soon to happen Brexit, it is gold that becomes the most important measure of your wealth. When the great earthquake of Kutch came, all property was washed away, all vehicles vanished. Those who had to save anything went straight for the gold - because they knew it carries value. The recent floods of Chennai also caused crores in damages. It is times like these when gold truly shows its inherent values. Even in the worst circumstances, gold will find a way out.


Gold should be invested in on a regular basis as any FD or mutual fund. You can invest towards the purchase of gold coins and gold jewellery. The great benefit of gold jewellery is that in case you never have an emergency, you always have a beautiful accessory to wear at weddings and functions.


At we love gold and we know how much it means to the Indian culture. This is exactly why, you can save any amount you are comfortable with towards the purchase of your favorite gold jewellery.


Remember, once you stop earning, your value will always be measured in the amount of savings you have and there is hardly any better savings than those made in gold.


Safe. Secure. Always valuable. Gold is the way to a wealthy now and wealthy forever.

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