We are Jewelrich.com, the pioneers of online jewellery savings schemes in India. Our vision is to educate the ever growing Indian online community on Gold Savings Schemes from various jewelers and simplify the investing process for them. Our spectrum of trusted jewellers will give you the widest choice of jewellery savings schemes, jewellery designs and payment tenures. Start investing in jewellery schemes of your choice from the comfort of your home, workplace or wherever you are.

Rely on our highly secure online platform for smooth and safe transactions.

Monthly Gold Savings Scheme/Jewellery Savings Scheme is a smarter way to own the jewellery of your choice. It can be done by systematically investing a fixed amount over a fixed period of time. All you need to do is invest a small amount every month with a jeweller of your choice to achieve your target amount. On finishing the tenure of the scheme successfully you can collect your piece directly from the jewellery store. Even if you have no specific jewellery piece in mind you can invest a fixed amount every month and select your jewellery later. You also have the freedom to choose the jeweler and the scheme tenure of your choice. And that’s not all! You are also entitled to a full or partial waive-off on your last installment depending on the jewellery scheme you choose. It will be eventually paid by your jeweller when it’s due.

Jewellery Savings Scheme is a Systematic Advance Jewellery Purchase Plan for buying Jewellery or Gold. It comes with the following benefits:

WAIVER OF LAST INSTALLMENT – Every Gold/ Jewellery Savings Scheme you choose from Jewelrich comes with a special waiver of the last installment. Most jewellers credit the last month's installment to your account from their pocket on timely payment of all previous installments.

BIG PURCHASE WITH SMALL SAVINGS - The money accumulated by paying smaller amounts every month will create a large corpus amount at the end of the tenure. The accumulated sum can be used to buy the jewellery of your choice. Thereby making big ticket purchases easily affordable. And what’s more! You can also opt for a jewellery piece higher than your corpus amount by paying the difference amount.

SAVINGS IN GOLD COINS- Some jewellers will give you the option of buying Gold Coins with the amount invested at the Gold rate prevailing on the day of your scheme maturity.

FLEXIBLE PLANS TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS – Jewelrich also gives you the opportunity to guard yourself from fluctuating GOLD prices through the following schemes:

Gold Price Averaging: Some jewellers give you the option of Gold Price Averaging i.e fixing the Gold rate every month for Gold units equivalent to the Advance Monthly Installment payment.

Fixed Weight Schemes: Here you will have to decide at the beginning of the scheme about how much Gold you want to add to your account every month. You will then have to make payments every month based on the Gold rates prevailing on the day of payment for the corresponding weight of Gold. On completion of the scheme, you can redeem the Gold accumulated in this manner in the form of the jewellery you choose.

MULTIPLY YOUR BENEFITS - Most jewellers offer rebates on making charges and wastage. Some jewellers waive them off entirely, while some even waive off Value Added Taxes (VAT) too!

Your savings will mature at the end of the scheme tenure you have opted for. For instance, you can choose to invest in a 11+1 scheme, your savings will mature once the defined terms are met with respect to the maturity period. That means you regularly pay for 11 months and wait for one month.  And at the end of the 12th month the jeweller will give you the maturity benefits.

You can sign-up for free at www.jewelrich.com by giving your basic personal details like Your Name, Contact details etc. By doing so, you will be able to view all our associated jewellers and their respective schemes. However to start your investment in any of the schemes you will be required to complete your KYC formalities and fill-up nominee details.

How To Start 

At the top of Jewelrich’s homepage, will find the following options:

A) Your fixed amount
B) Your favourite jewellery
C) Your favourite jeweller

If you have opted for option A : SAVE WITH : Your Fixed Amount.

  • The next step will be to select your preferred jeweller.
  • On selection, browse through various schemes offered by your chosen jeweller. Choose a scheme and click on CONTINUE.
  • Fill-in your personal details and click on CONTINUE.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions and make the payment via your preferred mode.

If you have opted for option B : SAVE WITH : Your favorite Jewellery.

Choose the piece of jewellery that you would like to save for. Choose a scheme tenure and the respective suggested amount from the options given. Click on CONTINUE.

  • Fill-in your personal details and click on CONTINUE.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions and make the payment via your preferred mode.

If you have opted for option C : SAVE WITH : Your favourite Jeweller.

  • Browse through various schemes offered by the jeweller
  • Choose a scheme you like and click on CONTINUE.
  • Fill-in your personal details and click on CONTINUE.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions and make the payment via your preferred mode.

You can simply log in and make payments online, through our secured payment gateway using:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Net Banking

You can also opt for auto debit facility by opting for the services listed below:

  • NEFT
  • NACH

NEFT (to know more about NEFT click Here)

NACH (to know more about NACH click Here)

You can choose any jeweller in India listed on our website. To make the purchase you need to visit the outlet of the jeweller chosen by you. However, if your chosen retailer has multiple outlets across India, you may refer to their redemption policy to check if they allow purchase from other outlets in their network.  You can also speak to your jeweller directly.

At Jewelrich, we understand the value of your hard earned money; which is why we take the responsibility of channelising funds only with the right product and the right jeweller. All the jewellers listed on Jewelrich.com are certified and recognised by industry bodies in India like All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation (GJF). Also as a policy, we have shortlisted the best and most trusted jewellers in India. We appoint jewellers only if they meet our high standards. A jeweller doesn’t choose us. We choose the jeweller.

Refer to the Refund Policy of the Jeweller in case you opt for scheme termination /pre-mature closure.

NOTE : Under any circumstances cash refunds will not be done.The money will be refunded by Cheque/NEFT/RTGS only.

NO.You cannot change the installment amount mid-way.

NO. We request you to choose your jeweller wisely; though we assure that only the best ones are registered with Jewelrich.com.

Yes, you will receive an online receipt and updated monthly statements confirming your savings amount. You can print these receipts and keep for your records.

Jewelrich doesn't hold the money you have deposited in your favourite jeweller’s advance purchase scheme / loyalty scheme. The amount you pay every month is held in a virtual account which gets verified by three parties viz. the Bank, your Jeweller & Jewelrich.com

On successful verification of the scheme, subscriber details and amount, funds are transferred directly to your jeweller’s account. Jewelrich.com is a platform that serves as an online marketplace for monthly jewellery savings schemes offered by India's most trusted jewellers.

Yes,all your details are documented online and you can check your scheme account balance with the jeweller anytime after 3 to 4 working days from the transaction day.

NO.You cannot change the information provided by you. Your first name, last name cannot be updated, for security reasons. We do not allow any changes to your KYC documents, your birth date or your registered mobile number.

We don’t allow scheme transfers to any other beneficiary apart from nominee you suggest at the time of scheme subscription. We respect the aspiration of our customers and we want them to enjoy full benefits on maturity.

It depends on the jeweller and the scheme you have selected.Some jewellers offer gold coins also. Some don’t. Read the redemption options carefully before subscribing to the schemes.

Not sure of gold prices and want to guard yourself from the ever fluctuating gold prices? Or you are the speculative types who want to time the gold purchase during dip in metal rates? Well there is one scheme for all the types of buyers. Gold Prices are highly fluctuating and also the price of gold may continue to increase in the future,but you can still own your favourite piece of jewellery slowly and steadily by investing systematically in Jewellery Savings Schemes at jewelrich.com with the following type of variants.

Some monthly Gold savings schemes allow you the option of gold price averaging i.e fixing the gold rate every month and crediting gold units equivalent to the advance monthly installment payment amount. Some jewellers also offer fixed weight schemes. Here you will have to decide at the beginning of the scheme about how much gold in grams you want to add to your account every month.You will then have to make payments every month based on the gold rates prevailing on the day of payment for the corresponding weight of gold. In Most cases the schemes are based on Gold rates on the date of maturity of your scheme however some of the jewellers allow you to deffer your purchase from the date of maturity upto six months to even one year.

This is a monthly systematic advance purchase installment platform; hence bulk payments are neither permitted nor encouraged.

We offer a cool-off period of 3 working days in case you miss your payment date. But if you default for more than 3 working days, it might impact your complimentary installment amount.

For example, assume you are saving Rs 10,000 every month for 12 months.

Penalty per day delay = Monthly Installment Amount/ 365

In the above case the amount will be = Rs. 10000/365 = Rs. 27.39

So if you delay by 10 days in a year, an amount of Rs. 273 will be deducted from the final free installment promised by the jeweller. You need to pay Rs. 273 as delayed payment charges to the jeweller on the last month of your tenure.

Some jewellers also follow the practice of delaying your maturity date by the total number of days you have delayed your payment during the tenure of the scheme. Again, the final decision is upto your jeweller. If the delay is upto 6-7 days then they may consider it on a case to case basis. We at jewelrich give the overall report to you as well as your chosen jeweller and calculate the penalty as per the agreed policy terms. Any disputes apart from the policy needs to be resolved by the customer and jeweller amicably.

For all first time Gold Jewellery Buyers, this is the most prudent and unavoidable question. Firstly, we need to understand that a Jeweller is not a commodity dealer.  Even if he is selling a GOLD coin it is a value added product and not just a metal piece cut to the size or weight of your requirement.

The raw material for the jewellery they sell i.e GOLD metal is subject to daily price fluctuations.Hence to overcome this rate difference at various stages of the value addition process, the Jewellers charge a premium on existing Gold metal rates. Recognised Jewellers’ Associations like the All India Gems & Jewellery Trade Federation also known as GJF follow a standard premium on GOLD rate which is displayed on their website every day, most of the leading jewellers follow these rates and display it as “Today’s Gold Rate”.  These rates are available in the public domain and anybody can check & verify these rates on http://gjf.in/

However, not all jewellers may follow these rates and they may follow a fixed rate difference over any popular commodity price index like CNBC etc. To know if you are being charged fairly, you may compare the GJF rates with these rates and then make a purchase decision.

At Jewelrich, we bring together numerous schemes offered by the leading jewellers of the country on a common online platform. Only jewelrich.com gives you the advantage of choosing and subscribing to the widest array of jewellery savings schemes from reputed jewellers 24 X 7!  You also get the following additional benefits:

  • Sign-up for free and explore all schemes offered by multiple jewellers from a single source.
  • Compare and select schemes without the hassles of physically going to the jeweller’s showroom.
  • Select, subscribe and pay online from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. You can pay via Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking, NEFT, IMPS & other Online Transfer modes (coming soon).
  • Get payment notifications/alerts through emails and SMSs
  • Get promotional material through SMSs and Emails
  • Access your accounts statement online anytime!
  • Benefit from ease of redemption and OTP verification at your jeweller’s showroom for secure transactions.
  • Get regular reminders via emails and SMSs on your next due AMI.
  • When you subscribe directly to a jeweller, you don’t get a wide choice. You have to  choose only from that particular jeweller's saving schemes
  • At jewelrich.com you can subscribe to multiple schemes from various jewellers to cater to your specific needs.
  • You also can check reviews and feedbacks of other subscribers to know more about the jeweller you choose.
  • At jewelrich.com you take informed decision on Jewellery Savings Schemes by going through a wise decision making process.
  • If you still need further get in touch with us. We are just a call away.

All Credit/Debit Card details remain confidential and private. We have a number of high-security algorithms in place to ensure that your transaction process is extremely safe and confidentiality is maintained.

Just like all secure banking sites, our website is also prefixed with “https”. For enhanced security www.jewelrich.com does not accept any financial information on its servers. All such information entered by you is directly received through our payment gateway and are then transmitted to bank servers. All this is done through an industry standard encryption protocol known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL). However, please keep in mind that customer data protection is a two-way street. When buying online, caution must always be taken.

HTTP VS HTTPS (to know more about Https click Here )

Now that you got the basics right about the GOLD RATES followed by jewellers, make sure you consider the following aspects before making your choice:

Duration of scheme -  Gold/Jewellery Schemes are available in multiple tenures i.e. 6 months,10 months,11 momths, 12 months, 18 months, 24months etc. If you are saving keeping any special day in mind like birthdays or anniversaries, make sure you back-calculate the tenure of the scheme starting from your special day.

The price of jewellery you want to buy - You should choose a monthly amount keeping in mind your budget for buying the jewellery.  It need not be a precise amount but a rough estimate like a corpus in the range of Rs. 75,000 to Rs.1,00,000 or Rs.1,00,000 to Rs. 1,25,000. To give you a clear idea, we have created an e-store where each jewellery piece’s  estimated price is calculated per month to help you choose your Advance Monthly Installment (AMI)Check redemption options & benefits

Check redemption options & benefits -  Some jewellers allow you to buy GOLD COINS on redemption. While most last installment waiver schemes (either in full or partial) conclude with gold jewellery purchases, some jewellers also offer additional benefits like special discounts on making charges if you purchase Diamond Jewellery or Coloured Gems.

Gold price Averaging option – Before opting for a Jewellery Savings Scheme one should be clear of the rate at which Gold will be brought by you. In most of the cases (one installment waiver schemes) the jeweller may charge you the GOLD rate prevailing on the day of your purchase. Jewellers who offer benefits of GOLD Price averaging may give you a discount in Gold wastage or a waiver in making charges (either partially or in full).

Benefit of ongoing discount sale at jeweller’s showrooms during the maturity of your scheme – There can be instances where your scheme maturity date coincides with an ongoing discount sale at the jeweller’s showroom. Refer to the jeweller policy to check whether scheme benefits and ongoing sale benefits can be clubbed together or not. If you don’t find such a clause in your selected scheme kindly get it clarified by the jeweller on mail or any documented record before investing in the scheme.

Multiple store redemption convenience - Typically a jeweller with multiple retail outlets under its brand name gives you the convenience of purchasing jewellery on maturity from any of their retail outlets. Some jewellers have a reach across multiple states of India while some have wide reach in a particular region and nearby states. So if you are planning to gift or save for your loved ones who are staying away, make sure you select a jeweller who has a store closer to them.

Pre-mature withdrawal of scheme – No refund will be made in CASH by any jeweller on premature withdrawal of your scheme. The refunded money will be transferred back to your account via Cheque, NEFT, RTGS or any other electronic mode of payment. You may also be charged with a cancellation fee in the range of 2-3% of your total scheme value. For most schemes, the pre-mature withdrawal clause will permit purchase of jewellery to the extent of corpus accumulated till the last paid AMI installment. No other benefits will be given.

Once your start the scheme via jewelrich.com you have to make all AMI payment till maturity via Jewelrich.com only.

Yes. Under Rule 3(6) of Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 2014, prescribed by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for deposit accepting Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).

Yes. KYC is mandatory for all schemes, However PAN card is needed only if the scheme maturity amount exceeds INR 2,00,000/-

People should invest in Jewellery Savings Schemes for the following reasons:

  • Savings for personal jewellery
  • Savings for children's jewellery
  • Savings for gifts to friends &family
  • Saving up for their own wedding
  • Saving to buy jewellery on festivals like Diwali or Akshaya Tritiya

Anyone & Everyone above 18 years of age can invest in Online Jewellery Savings Schemes. The list includes:

  • Working women, who would prefer an easy and convenient way of saving up for jewellery for themselves, their children or for gifts during weddings and other important occasions
  • Young unmarried women, who would like to help their parents by contributing to her wedding jewellery expenses
  • Married couples with children, who would like to invest in jewellery for their childreAnn's marriage.
  • Housewives, who participate in kitty schemes or would like to save up for jewellery from their money.
  • Older people who would like to gift to their children or grandchildren or anyone else in the family.

Yes, you can certainly refer your friends and family to jewelrich.com. We will be soon introducing referral incentives too!

you can certainly refer your friends and family to jewelrich.com we are soon starting with referral incentives too.

Every month when you pay an Advance Monthly Installment payment, we charge a small convenience fee/ internet handling charge so as to cover the cost of the service we offer. You also have the choice of opting for NEFT payments into your virtual account and save 50% of the above charges. To know more about NEFT click here.

As soon as you sign-up on jewelrich.com and select a scheme you are allocated a unique Virtual Account Number. Along with your login details you also be provided with the details of your Virtual Account Number and the scheme that you have subscribed. In most cases you can make payment immediately upon receiving these details.  However, some jewellers are bound by NBFC rules, hence they require you to complete the KYC process and upload KYC documents before you can commence payments to their scheme. In some cases the Jeweller requires you to fill up at least the nominee details and valid contact details. KYC details and KYC documents can be uploaded later after the payment of first installment.

That depends on the jeweller’s scheme you choose. Most schemes start with a minimum investment of Rs. 1000/month. Some jewellers even offer scheme subscriptions for as low as Rs. 500/month.

The normal tenure for such schemes is 12months. You also have other optional schemes ranging from 6 months to 5 years.

Your next installment will be due in 30 days from the date of your first installment payment. You will get the schedule for your monthly payment plan as soon as you subscribe for the scheme.

You can login and view your payment record statements online 24X7.

On scheme maturity you shall be notified via email and SMS from jewelrich.com. You can also view your scheme details online 24X7. Also, the jeweller is informed about your scheme maturity. He may contact you directly and inform you.

Yes,you can choose to pay via different payment options every month. However, if you have opted for NACH mode of payment and given the auto debit mandate, and if you still make payment via other payment modes to us then it may result in a dual payment scenario. We will either adjust it against your next upcoming installment or shall refund the same.

Most of the schemes allow you to buy Gold and Diamond Jewellery. However, you must inspect the jewellery buying options given by your jeweller. However, in case of Platinum Jewellery and Gems Stone purchases, you need to confirm your requirement with your jeweller before starting the scheme.

You can subscribe to any number of Jewellery Savings Schemes with the same or any other jeweller at any point of time.

Since the redemption of the scheme happens at the jeweler’s showroom we recommend you to select a jeweler in your city or check the list of showrooms of your selected jeweler in case the jeweler has multiple stores across India.

The jeweler is not liable to deliver the jewellery / Gold at your doorstep in case you relocate. However if your jeweler delivers the product at your doorstep the Courier expenses & Insurance cost will have to be paid by the customer.