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Chetna Savaliya

I always wanted to make additions to my Gold Jewellery collection but rising Gold costs forced me to think twice. I even started saving money to buy my favourite jewellery but somehow I kept falling prey to sale shopping and eventually moved back to square one. Buying Gold Jewellery seemed almost impossible until I discovered .Jewelrich gives me the privilege of owning my desired jewellery piece without shelling out a huge amount at one go. Now I have the freedom to own my favourite jewellery by systematically investing small amounts online in Jewellery Savings Schemes from reputed jewellers. On completing of my tenure, all I need to do is walk-in to my selected outlet and collect my jewellery. I have already added two pairs of earrings to my collection. And in the next six months I will be a proud owner of a glittering Diamond Jewellery Set worth Rs. 1,10,000. Thank you Jewelrich for making my dream come true.

Aarohi Dhuri

“Being a working woman, my day starts with office and ends with my kid’s studies. I always had a desire to opt for Gold Schemes but somehow couldn’t find the time to do so. Moreover taking time off my busy schedule every month to pay my monthly installment was not a feasible option for me. Then one of my friends recommended me .This customer friendly site gives me the freedom to choose from an array of jewellery schemes from reputed jewellers across India. Now I plan my jewellery purchases online, make secure online payments and own the jewellery of my choice within my chosen tenure. I also get SMS reminders in case I tend to skip my payment schedule. With Jewelrich, I can now pay my jewellery purchase scheme EMIs anytime, anywhere! Jewelrich also gives me the freedom to choose my favourite jeweller and waives off my last installment too! Thank you Jewelrich for making my life easy. ”

Sheetal Paliwal

I always wanted to own a solitaire but the high price tags always kept me away from it. I kept postponing my purchase as my salary wasn’t enough to give me the privilege of buying a solitaire at one go. One fine day, I visited on my friend’s recommendation. The user friendly site introduced me to the world of Jewellery Savings Schemes and demonstrated how I can own the jewellery of my dreams by investing in easy monthly installments. I have now finally opted for a Solitaire from my favourite jeweller - Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers.  All I need to do is keep investing Rs.5000/month. And you know what? I will be a proud owner of my dream solitaire ring in the next three months. All thanks to Jewelrich!    

Rushil Pravin Khimavat

My wife always longed for a diamond necklace. It was the only thing she missed in her jewellery collection. I wanted to gift her a diamond necklace on our anniversary but being a salaried person I was not in a position to financially fulfill my wish. One day, I saw an interesting Facebook post on and visited the site just to feed my curiosity. Over there, I discovered that I could purchase a diamond necklace by investing systematically every month for a year or two. The diamond necklace which was earlier out of my reach was now well within my budget. I finally decided to give my wife the biggest surprise of her life. I started investing in a diamond necklace through Jewelrich. The convenience of online payments made my life much easier as I needn’t take time off my busy routine to physically go to the jewellery store and pay my installments. And finally, on our anniversary I took my wife to the jewellery store and gifted her the diamond necklace she always longed for. The glitter of joy in her eyes was truly priceless. It was indeed the happiest anniversary of our lives. Jewelrich made it possible!

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